Facelette Is Chatroulette For FaceTime

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Enjoying your Mac FaceTime experience so far, but not seeing nearly enough genitals and/or stoned teens? Rejoice! An enterprising programmer has already created Facelette, Chatroulette for FaceTime. But be forewarned: it may require some extra precautionary measures.


Facelette works exactly like Chatroulette—connecting two random users for a video chat adventure—but has one crucial difference: no anonymity. Whatever email address or phone number is linked to your FaceTime account will be displayed for all to see. That's not to say you can't hide behind a newly minted, Facelette-only email address. It just means you should make sure to create one and sign on with it every time. Unless you actually want to forge long lasting video chat relationships, which, mazel tov!

Zach Holman threw the whole thing together in a matter of hours, apparently, so there's still hope for ID obfuscation if there's enough demand for it. In the meantime, go forth into the world and Facelette. Just hope you don't end up falling into the abyss that is FaceTiming yourself. [Facelette via TechCrunch]


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I wonder what the potential for spam calls on this will be. It's just based on an apple user ID right? So if someone plugged in a random user ID (starting logically with me.com addresses) would they be able to ring you up to see if you'd like a larger penis?

Edit: Oh, and I'm referring to FaceTime on the Mac in general, not specifically Facelette. :)