FaceTime and Puppets and Apple Employees, Oh My!

We knew that we can call 1-888-FACETIME to try out a FaceTime chat with an Apple employee. What we didn't know is that they're also happy to talk to puppets and seem to work from a beach. [Thanks, Andrew!]


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This will revolutionize tech support and business customer service on both ends of the call.

The customer seeing a live face will feel more accommodated and less like they're talking to a robot (which all too often is the case these days) - that in itself would definitely ease my angst. And the tech/cs can ask the person to switch to the back camera and see if their customer is actually performing the procedure being asked of them correctly. Even in a non-computer field this would be incredibly useful.

So many people see facetime and its equivalent as a gimmick that most wouldn't need without thinking outside of dating/chat uses.