The older you get, the less excited you are to celebrate another birthday. But that all just changed with these new Star Wars helium balloons from Amscan. If you thought Stormtroopers were easy to kill before, now they can be taken out with just safety pins.


Available in the coming months from your favorite party store, the floating R2-D2, which can be kept low to the floor with an attached weight, is a pretty cheap way to finally have your own droid at home.

But there’s no better way to celebrate pretty much any occasion than with an entire room filled with inflatable, floating stormtroopers. Welcoming home a new baby? Stormtroopers. Celebrating a graduation? Stormtroopers? Just got out of jail? Stormtroopers. As long as the person you’re celebrating is a Star Wars fan, they’ll be over-joyed with the decor you’ve chosen. [Amscan via ToyWorld]

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