Father Invents System to Help Autistic Son Communicate

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As a result of severe autism and learning disabilities, eleven-year-old Callum Lodge is unable to talk. In order to allow his son to communicate with the world around him, his father has developed Speaks4me, an electronic communication system.

As you can see in the video, Speaks4me appears to allow the user to choose images in order to communicate needs or thoughts. And while it's a pretty simple system, I think it might make quite a difference in the life of someone who was previously unable to express himself in a manner that could be understood by those around him. [Speaks4Me via BBC via Wired UK]



my son is on the mild spectrum of autism (speech delay). and let me tell you something.....

as soon as i started buying him leapfrog toys, he went from gesturing with his hands and noises at the age of 2, to now being a little motormouth. of course he still is a work in progress, but he has shown much improvement.

i shared my story with other parents who also saw spikes in development with their autistic children (im in a parent group at my son's school.)

Leapfrog is not as advanced as this device, but most of Leapfrog's devices are a cheaper alternative.