FBI to Fight Zombie Hordes, BBC Says

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For some reason, when I read "FBI Tries to Fight Zombie Hordes" this morning I really got excited. The idea of an FBI squad hunting smelly, vicious and utterly stupid brain-dead slobs has a certain charm. Sadly, they are not looking for your dorm roommate or my ex-mother-in-law, but for something completely different.


They are just calling a million people with PCs that may have been hijacked by the badies to do evil stuff. Woo-wee. I mean, great. I am sick of spam, but it's going to take a lot more than that to kill the damn bastards. At least this is a good excuse for some great zombies and vampire videos.

A bit from British horror comedy Shaun of the Dead. If you don't have it, get it.

And yes, at last, it's Friday.

Update: here's one who Jason just sent to me. Video guide to survive zombie attacks, by the Shaun of the Dead people. Someone send this to the FBI.


FBI tries to fight zombie hordes [BBC News]




At first I thought my neighbor would be hunted down by these ever diligent FBI folks, then I read the rest of the story...Sigh, too bad.

On a more serious note, I found out my own servers were being used to send out tens of thousands of spam emails and had to spend a small fortune to stop it..for now. I don't understand why we don't find these spam kings and do a little North Korean type justice on them.. public executions. Fricking evil doers!