FCC Hits Asshole Robocallers With $2.94 Million Fine

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The FCC has been conducting some major ass-kicking lately, a trend it is continuing with its latest move: slapping a $2.94 million fine, the biggest in FCC history, on a serial robocaller.

The robocaller in question is Travel Club Marketing, a Florida company that tries to sell package holidays and timeshares over the phone. The FCC found that it had placed ‘at least’ (heh) 182 unsolicited calls to consumers, many of whom were on the National Do-Not-Call list.


The important takeaway from this is that the FCC’s action came about because of complaints from consumers. A measly 142 complains was enough to generate the biggest fine against a telemarketer in the FCC’s history. Just imagine what could happen if everyone used the (incredibly easy) system to report every phone scam.

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