Hulu has a fresh new layout that's rolling out to users today. Say goodbye to the streaming service's old, cluttered design. Say hello to big, beautiful images and improved navigation.

Yes, the first thing you're going to notice when you land on Hulu's homepage is the huge, widescreen image at the top of your browser. But the new Hulu isn't just easier on the eyes, it's easier on your brain, too. The hope is that you'll find good stuff to watch faster. 'The "Browse" drop-down menu and the search box at the top of the homepage will remain right there no matter where you land on the site, which is a big improvement over the old navigation that moved around depending where you were.


Below the fold, the homepage has been reorganized to make popular and featured videos easier to browse. When you're logged in, Hulu will now display "Shows You Watch" so that the series you're in the middle of wil be queued up right where you left it. The new design really is a relief. Just compare it to the horribleness we endured until now. [Hulu]

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