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Ferrari-Branded Avanti II Is World's Fastest Turboprop Private Aircraft

Illustration for article titled Ferrari-Branded Avanti II Is Worlds Fastest Turboprop Private Aircraft

I sneaked into a Ferrari-branded P180 Avanti II, the fastest turboprop private aircraft in the world with a 450mph maximum speed, at the Dubai Air Show 2007. It has a 1,800-mile range and 41,000-foot maximum cruising altitude, which is similar to most private jets but consumes 30% less fuel. As you can see in the video, it looks amazing outside and inside, specially the stunning cockpit, with its all-digital glass panel avionics. So yes, for once and unlike all the stupid Ferrari products out there, this is actually worth having il cavallino rampante shield on it. And for more than one reason:


The Piaggio Aereo company, which is the manufacturer of the Avanti II, is actually owned in part by the Ferrari family. And not only that: One of these planes is actually used to transport the pilots of Ferrari's Formula 1 racing team.


Needless to say, I tried to steal it to fly the Giz crew to CES but when they caught me inside, things didn't pan out as planned. Fortunately, the Italian booth babe understood my reasons and just spanked me. Which quite frankly, I didn't mind at all.

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@ANDYPENNELL, F1 'drivers' are referred to as Pilots. They are race-car pilots, even the broadcasters refer to them as pilots.

Just as a side fact, a F1 car is basically an inverted plane, which produces many times the downforce of the cars weight (so it would fly if it were upside down - not desirable during a race).