FIFA Refuses Replay Technology

So we usually leave the sports commentary to our big, disfigured sister, Deadspin, but this is worth mentioning. France played South Korea this past weekend in a group play match that ended in a 1-1 draw. But that shouldn't have happened because a ball that was blocked by the Korea goal keeper in the 32nd minute obviously crossed over the line, but the refs did not call it a goal.

So let me get this straight. The World Cup has millions of RFID embedded tickets, biometric face scanning, on-the-fly fingerprinting and ASENDRO robots, but they won't use a replay technology because it isn't perfected yet?


The governing body's president Sepp Blatter said that football must have a "human face" and "human error" to go along with it, but why punish a country for one ref's lazy eye or his previous night out in the Hanover red-light district? Maybe FIFA should take a hint from their fellow American football brotheren and start using replays. There are 800 different camera positions at each game this year, surely one of which will give a clear angle of the questionable play or goal.


Goal-line technology not yet an option: FIFA [Reuters]

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