Find Everything You Need to Know About Shark Week In This Viewing Guide

Shark Week, the annual celebration of all things sharky, begins tonight. While we've been critical of some of the programming in the past, some is actually quite promising. Here's everything you need to know.


This guide to the week's programs (click to enlarge), was put together by the fine folks at Upwell. While many of the shows are meant to terrify viewers with teeth and blood, some are - we hope - based on sound science or feature conservation-related commentary. We're particularly excited for Alien Sharks, while we'll probably be skipping Shark After Dark, the nightly talk show.

Megalodon, by the way? Still extinct.

Keep your eyes on shark scientist David Shiffman's twitter feed (@whysharksmatter) all week for fact-checking and sharky commentary.

Header image: Fallows, et al./Wikimedia Commons

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