Find the Best Pick Up Spots Using Foursquare Data

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You've been diligently checking in for what seems like years. Maybe it has been! Now you can put that data to work with Ratio Finder, a site that scrapes Foursquare and tells you where the ladies and fellas are hiding.


If you live in New York or San Francisco and you're ready to explore the very frontier of 21st century creepin', then say Hello to Ratio Finder, an interactive map that shows the places where social media savvy guys tend to congregate, the places where social media savvy girls tend to congregate, and the sad places where no one congregates at all. Pink bubbles mean more women, blue bubbles mean more men, and the bigger the bubble, the greater the discrepancy.

Generally, it looks like women are checking in in higher ratios in parks, markets, and cafes, while men are checking in at bars and clubs. Not too surprising. But there is insight to be gleaned here! In my own neck of the woods, Ratio Finder showed that Brooklyn Bowl had 11% more male check-ins, whereas Music Hall of Williamsburg had 21% more female check-ins. McCarren Park: 11% more males. And surprisingly, Barcade, a bar full of old arcade games: 27% more females. That's just good data.


So while it probably wouldn't be wise to plan your weekend around it, the ratios could be useful if you and your friends were looking for something, you know, empirical to tip the balance between two destinations. You can conduct some research of your own over at the Ratio Finder site. [Ratio Finder via Fast Co Design]