Firefox Ogio Messenger Bag

We didn't realize there were fanboys for Firefox, but don't get us wrong, we dig the Firefox open-source web browser. We use it literally all the time. It's just that, is there really a need for a bag that says Firefox all over it? Not that this isn't a great bag; it fits a 17-inch laptop inside along with a bunch of other stuff, and has a drop-in audio pocket with a little port for your headphone cable to go through.

So, if you want to spread the word about Firefox, this looks like just the $60 messenger bag to do so. Reminds us a little bit of the $250 Adobe Messenger Bag of which we are mildly fond. Hey, if Firefox has its own bag, perhaps we should develop a Gizmodo bag . . .? Who wants one?


Product Page [The Mozilla Store, via Uncrate]

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