First Screenshot of the New Microsoft Ads, I'm a PC and I Shark Dive!

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And here you have it! A couple hours later, we have our first screen from the new Microsoft ad campaign. Now THIS represents me as a PC-user... I hang with SHARKS, man! [Does anyone from Crispin who works on this campaign know if Seinfeld being pulled was a part of the plan or not? I've got a bet going with the Valleywag Rumormongers. —Blam][New York Times]


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Hi I'm a Giz PC user

Hi I'm a Giz Mac user

let's measure each others penises to see who wins!

They're freakn commercials. Who cares. My fellow Tech savvy people. Choose the Os you like it's up to you. Choose how much you're willing to pay for the Os and hardware you're wanting to use. If you choose to pay premium... that's your business. If you choose customization over looks that's up to you. It's a freakn and a few chunks of wire and metal, a piece of software etc ... who cares. This whole pc vs mac war is a joke. I'm a mac user. I like using macs.. I LIKE the Os. Not forcing anybody else to like it. If you use vista good for you. Each platform has it's strengths and weaknesses. Ahhhhhh stupid pretend "computer wars." There are more important things in life....

Like Zune Vs Ipod ;0)