Fitbit's Upcoming Smartwatch Basically Confirmed In Pre-Order Page

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Fitbit's Surge smartwatch has already been leaked what feels like a million times, but we now know pretty much all the remaining details, thanks to a pre-order page on Brookstone that hangs every last detail out to dry.


As previously suggested, the Surge will carefully tread the line between smartwatch and fitness watch. The touchscreen display is big enough for text and call notifications, as well as controlling your music — but that's pretty much all the smartwatch features you get, since the Surge doesn't appear to be running Android Wear, but rather Fitbit's own software.

What you do get, however, is a raft of fitness-focused features. There's a built-in GPS, so you can use the Surge as a running watch without having to cart your phone around with you, and there's also a heart-rate sensor, much like on the Samsung Gear Live. For the sleep fanatics out there, the pre-order page lists sleep tracking as another feature, which hopefully also hints at a battery life of more than one day.

One thing the pre-order page doesn't list, though, is price. Previous leaks from The Verge have suggested a $250 price point, which would put it slap-bang in the middle of the current crop of Android Wear devices, and towards the higher end of current fitness watches. Still, if the battery life is decent — and this particular Fitbit doesn't give its users rashes — the Surge could definitely compete for a slice of the smartwatch pie. [Brookstone via The Verge]



Will it have built-in storage and bluetooth support? Really wanting something that I can wear and connect to my Bluetooth earbuds to listen to music with. Right now I'm eyeing the Moto 360 as the Galaxy and LG Watch are just ugly. If this one does have support, it looks good enough that I might consider it.