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Five Foot Lego Blackberry Adds Punchline Functionality

Illustration for article titled Five Foot Lego Blackberry Adds Punchline Functionality

We're no strangers to the work of Lego master Nathan Sawaya, but his latest creation achieved the impossible: making a Blackberry exciting. It incorporates a working flat screen TV for comfortably displaying video. Clearly he took some artistic liberties.


Hey! Just kidding. I'm a proud—well, not proud, but not like totally ashamed either—Blackberry Bold owner and it works for sending text messages and using Google Maps to keep me oriented. And let's not forget that RIM is doing just fine, thank you very much. But it's true, I've never once watched a video on my Bold.


Sawaya's man-size Blackberry Tour was commissioned for the BlackBerry Developer Conference, where it will be the only thing attendees will be able to recall of the event in 5 years. [Brick Artist via TechnaBob]

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Purple Dave

Meh. I mean, it's skillfully done, and doing something like this would be very daunting to most casual LEGO fans, but compared to some of the stuff he's done since his brief stint at LLCA, this looks much more like a pay-the-bills MOC than a get-the-creative-juices-flowing MOC. But that's one of the drawbacks of becoming a professional LEGO artist.