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Flickr Launches Official iPad App, Finally

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's taken a few years, but Flickr has finally got its act together and launched an official iPad app, only four years after Apple unleashed its first tablet on the world.

The app does more or less what you'd expect a Flickr app to do — show you photos of stuff! — but it does that decently well. The UI is takes all the right cues from iOS 8, with a simple, flat design and a single, thin icon bar along the left, leaving more space for photo browsing. The app will, unsurprisingly, let you browse any photos from your 1TB of free Flickr storage, or, indeed, any public Flickr accounts.


Really, the only major let-down is the camera interface, which sadly exists and will continue giving the impression that tablet photography is an OK activity to be engaging in. Sure, as camera interfaces go, it's not bad (in other words, it looks almost exactly like the stock iOS camera app); and I suppose the ability to shoot photos straight into your Flickr account might be handy. But seriously, people: put the iPad down. Just Say No to tablet photography. [Flickr via Engadget]