Flickr just announced a fun, new—albeit kind of pricey—program called Flickr Wall Art. All you have to do to turn your Flickr photos into a large canvas, photo mount, or book is select your preferences on the new Create portal. Two clicks—and at least $50—later, and your living room's newest adornment is on the way.

This service is kind of a mixed bag. On one hand, Flickr Wall Art sounds like a really easy way to buy prints—"as little as two clicks," the company says. (Realistically, it takes about a dozen clicks for your first order.) Flickr also brags about using "museum-quality materials and professional printing." Photo mounts come on "Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper with a lustre finish… mounted on a 1″ durable black mounting-board finished with wood-textured edges." Sounds luxurious!


It may be, but it's not quite the best deal. Prices for an 11" x 14" canvas start at $64, and two clicks on a Google search will reveal that you can get the same thing at Canvas Pop for $43. Walmart will do it for $20. Without seeing the finished product, it's hard to tell which service offers the best quality. But it's probably safe to say that Flickr is not the cheapest choice if you're looking to make some wall art out of your photos. Flickr also doesn't say how big photos need to be for uploads, but when we tried one over 1000 pixels wide, it did not work.

Convenience is worth something, though. It'll be interesting to see if Flickr turns Wall Art into an easy way for professional photographers to sell prints on the web. Until then, we'd encourage you to shop around. [Flickr via TechCrunch]