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For a Single Episode, Iris West Is Getting One of the Best Superhero Costumes on the CW

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Oh, and also superpowers. Otherwise, why should she need such a fabulous getup?

Thanks to set pictures, we’ve known for a little while that Iris (Candice Patton) would be getting into the superhero business soon on The Flash. But now we actually know why, thanks to Entertainment Weekly—and that it’s not a permanent thing. In fact, she’s sorta-kinda borrowing Barry’s powers.

According to EW the March 13 episode of Flash, titled “Run, Iris, Run” will see Team Flash go up against a metahuman nicknamed Melting Pot, who can radically swap people’s DNA around. So, through a liberal application of comic book science, when Melting Pot runs into the Flash and Iris, he ends up swapping Barry’s speed-force-altered DNA into Iris, rendering Barry powerless and Iris the Speed Queen of Central City in this latest threat to her home. Which, because she works with Cisco, means she also gets the mandatory CW pleather costume:


And it’s actually really good!

The look is simple, but the colors give it a real nice pop. It’s snazzy while still feeling like a practical getup. Honestly, I like it so much I’m almost sad Iris isn’t permanently powering up, even if Flash does have a problem with not knowing what to do with multiple speedsters on the show. If she was, she’d at least to get to wear this cool getup more often! Maybe she can just wear it around the office anyway.