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For Some Baffling Reason, This Star Trek Beyond TV Spot Spoils the Big Twist

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is weird. A new commercial for Star Trek Beyond, which is available on Paramount’s YouTube page, completely spoils the end of the movie. And not in the broad sense of showing our heroes win, but in the specific sense of giving away something that’s supposed to be a big twist.


In this 30-second spot, there’s an old video log shown with a very human-looking Idris Elba in it. And since we all know Elba is supposed to be playing the very alien-looking villain, Krall, it kind of gives the game away:

And, in case you didn’t get it, the TV spot includes Uhura saying, “It’s him,” and a shot of the alien-looking version of Krall.


All of this—Uhura figuring out who Krall is, the old video of him explaining his motive—comes from the climax of Star Trek Beyond. It’s a major twist that is barely hinted at until Uhura catches a glimpse of him in a video.

Uhura says earlier in the film that Krall’s actions aren’t just philosophy, that there’s “something” about him. And that’s pretty much it for the foreshadowing. It’s the kind of twist that’s fairly obvious for Trek—it’s not an outside threat, it’s been one of us all along!—but it’s absolutely presented in the movie as a major revelation.

Not anymore, I guess. Which is in some ways fine, the climax isn’t the reason to see Beyond anyway.