For the Love of God, Why Does the iPad Suit Still Exist?

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Another year has passed, and another iPad has surfaced from the shadowy Cupertino mist. But you know what else has resurfaced? The iPad suit. Yep, Mohan's, the NYC tailoring outpost, is still offering to add an oversized "iPad pocket" to their suit coats, which is a perfectly good way to take the class out of that suit you paid hundreds of dollars for. I'm sure they trimmed down the pocket to better fit the iPad 2 or something, but really, does it even matter? Even more cringe-inducing, they've expanded their offerings to include overcoats and other outerwear.


But why? In what scenario would you possibly be taking your iPad that you would be wearing a suit, but wouldn't have a bag? I can't think of many. And how many people paid to have these pockets sewn into their suits last year. I can't imagine there were many. The only motivation I can think of for Mohan's to offer this service is not to get people to request these pockets, but to get assholes like me to mention their name. WELL PLAYED, JERKS. YOU WIN.

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Am I the only person who thinks this isn't such a bad idea?

Anyways, if you don't like it, don't buy it. Why spend time writing an article about it? People spend way too much time complaining about things that they don't like, when they could be enjoying things that they do.