Former Alienware Execs Go Back to Their Origin For Eon18 Gaming Laptop

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In the wake of Dell's acquisition of Alienware in 2006, three key execs decided to jump ship. Their mission: to make top-tier gaming PCs the way Alienware used to. The result: a company called Origin, and the Eon18 laptop


The Eon18 certainly looks like Alienware. (Though it's designed by an ODM.) It's a highly customizable gaming laptop with an 18.4" full HD widescreen, dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 280M GPUs, 7.1 high-def audio, and up to three 250GB SSDs. It sports a Core 2 Extreme Quad QX9300 now, but on Monday is stepping up to Core i7. UPDATE: The Core i7 and Nvidia 285M card in SLI versions ended up launching late last night.


While the specs aren't over the moon—expect a battery life of 45 minutes when gaming unplugged—the opportunities to customize your rig are pretty great: You can specify whatever color and design you want for the top cover, and can even put your own name or logo in the place of Origin.

Most importantly, it's the first gaming laptop from a group of people who are clearly passionate about their products. Their products come with a lifetime labor guarantee, and they still have small enough distribution that you can get top-level customer support on demand.

Again, the Eon18 has its faults. But it's a good first effort, and we've got high hopes for Origin's future.

The ORIGIN EON18 is pure portable domination. No more choosing between lugging your desktop or having to play on a subpar laptop, with ORIGIN you'll have the best in mobile gaming in your hands. When you step through the door with this beast under your arm everyone will know, its game over man!
Gamers looking for portability without sacrificing their gaming experience. Hardware enthusiasts who want a personalized laptop with dedicated support. DJs that want their logo in lights on the front of their laptop.
Who wants the EON18 the most:
• • •
Features and Benefits:
• See every detail of your opponents demise with the 18.4" Full HD Widescreen
• Put your name in lights with ORIGIN's customizable multi-color top cover logo
• In a world filled with copycats, be original with ORIGIN's custom paint options
• Lifetime Phone/Online Support and Lifetime Labor means ORIGIN always has your back
• With ORIGIN's dedicated support team you never have to deal with anonymous agents that don't know your name
• 72 hour benchmarks, burn in, and testing ensures every EON18 ships with only the best performing components
• Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M's provide the most powerful mobile graphics to run any game with ultra high detail and smooth frame rates.
• Don't deprive your ears the fun your eyes are getting. Get the full experience with all your games and movies with the ORIGIN EON's optical
digital out and 7.1 High Definition Audio
• Secret agent status awaits, be the only one with access to your ORIGIN EON18 with the integrated high precision fingerprint reader
• The ORIGIN EON18 is equipped with a full size keyboard complete with numeric pad for a familiarity essential to elite gaming
• Programmable gaming buttons will give you the advantage in any game.
• Make no compromises with the ability for one optical drive and three hard drives in your ORIGIN EON18
Features/Specs: Dimensions: (H)1.7" x (W)17.25" x (D)11.75" Customization and Personalization:
• • •
Customizable top cover ORIGIN logo Multi-color lights on ORIGIN top cover logo, front vent, and rear vent Unlimited color and design options on ORIGIN top cover
• Video Card: Up to SLI Dual 1GB GDDR3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 280M
• Display: 18.4" Full HD 1920 x 1080 - (1080p) Wide L2,499CD (16:9 Aspect Ratio)
• Processor: Up to Intel® CoreTM 2 Extreme Quad QX9300 (12MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB)
• Memory: Up to 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 - 1333Mhz
• Optical Drive: Up to Dual Layer Blu-ray Burner Combo (BD-R, DVD+-RW, CD-RW)
• Hard Drive: Up to three 250GB SSD
• RAID Configurations: RAID 0 and RAID 1
• Network Adapter: Built-In Wireless 802.11 a/g/draft-n
• Audio: Integrated High-Definition Audio with 4 Channel support
• Media Card Reader: Built-In 7-in-1 Media Card Reader (MMC/RSMMC/MS/MS Pro/MS Duo/SD/Mini-SD)
• TV Tuner: Built-In Digital TV Tuner with Remote (optional)
• Operating System: Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
• Keyboard:
• Full size keyboard w/ numeric pad • Programmable Gaming Buttons (G1 – G8)
• Touch Sensitive Volume Control and Access Buttons
• Battery: 12-cell Lithium-Ion Battery
• Starting at price: $2,070



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What is the market for these types of ginormous laptops? People who would use it at home but don't have enough room for a desktop? I'm asking in all seriousness.

I am seeing a trend in massive un-portable and seemingly impractical laptops and I have wondered who they are targeting.