Fortnite Players Who Sign In Using Apple Need to Change Their Info ASAP

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The latest development in a frankly exhausting pissing match between Epic Games and Apple is coming for your Fortnite credentials. Beginning this week, users who previously used the “Sign in with Apple” option to access the game will either have to update their login information or risk getting shut out of the app.


Fortnite maker Epic Games said Wednesday that Apple will no longer allow users to access their Epic accounts using their Apple ID beginning Sept. 11. In a notice on its website, Epic said these players will need to update their email and password before that date if they wish to retain access. (Apple removed the Fortnite app its App Store last month.) Neither Apple nor Epic immediately returned requests for further comment.

The move follows Apple’s decision to yank Epic’s App Store developer account—one of several measures the company has taken in response to Epic’s brazen attempt to get around the 30% commission that Apple collects from developers. Currently, this feud is playing out in a messy court battle. This apparent battle of tech giant egos shows absolutely no signs of letting up, either. Apple this week filed a countersuit against Epic that claimed the company’s “conduct threatens the very existence of the iOS ecosystem and its tremendous value to consumers.” Which, truthfully, not wrong!

Apple has managed for many, many years to effectively bully developers into paying out the ears to have their apps hosted on the App Store, specifically by charging fees for up-front and in-app purchases—fees that Epic evidently no longer feels it should be paying given that it makes one of the most popular games on the planet. Apple’s position isn’t helped by the fact that it likes to play favorites.

In any event, Epic says that users who’ve previously used “Sign in with Apple” should update their credentials to their primary personal email address to avoid getting locked out of their accounts. If you’re having trouble, Epic has some information about how best to move forward on its website.

Update 9/10/20 11 a.m. ET: According to Apple, it’s not doing anything to stop the accounts from working with Epic Games. It’s still probably wise to update your account information ASAP.



I don’t think Epic has a real chance of winning its suit. It might inspire a more thorough anti-trust probe into Apple/Google that it may or may not benefit from, but the fact of the matter is that you lose all pretense of damage when you agree to a contract, abide by it for years, and then unilaterally decide the terms are unfair and breach said contract. Whether or not the contract itself can or should be seen as illegally anti-competitive (which it’s not, see the many other storefronts that have the same standard terms) is irrelevant to the case at that point.

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