Free Adobe Photoshop App for Android

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Photoshop! On Android! Adobe's free Photoshop app for Android is surprisingly just as slick as the iPhone's though it's missing all of the special effects, focusing on basics like saturation, exposure and cropping.

Basics are fine—and we like what it does there—so our real gripe is that there's no adjustment for white balance, which is notoriously shitty on the G1. But hey, it's free in the Android Market right now. [Adobe]

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What will people complain about when the app argument becomes moot. As many of us have said all along, when the phones come, the developers will come. People loved to ding Android for the lack of AppX. The android platform is not to be taken lightly, and I think there will be a huge influx of apps as the wave of devices releases gets bigger.

The ONLY concern I have for my beloved Android is the lack of a supported Apps2SD solution. With all these apps, people will be oading apps left and right. With Apps2SD its moot, I never have less than about 125 apps installed, without Apps2SD I would have some serious memory problems right now. #photoshop