Free T-Shirts Given to Neo-Nazis Revealed a Secret Message After Being Washed

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Neo-Nazis in Germany were given free T-shirts at a recent right-wing extremist rock concert. The black shirt, complete with skulls and bones, said "Hardcore Rebels: National and Free". Too bad for them, there was a secret message hidden inside the shirt.


See, after the free shirt gets washed, it rids itself of that "hardcore" logo and displays a new message, one that tries to convince the Neo-Nazis to change. It says: "If your T-shirt can do it, so can you. We'll help free you from right-wing extremism." It's a 'Trojan T-shirt' of sorts, giving clueless skinheads free 'hardcore' T-shirts only to blindside them with contact information on how to leave Neo-Nazism. I like it.

The clever initiative was started by a group called Exit Deutschland and was meant to target younger Neo Nazi members who haven't fully converted into extremism. The shirt is working in the short term in the sense that the Neo-Nazi members are having discussions over it. In the long term, Exit Deutschland hopes that a few Neo-Nazi members will remember them when they're ready to flip back. Thank god Exit Deutschland is classier than I am because I would've just wrote "Stop Being Racist Pigs and Extremist Idiots You Fucking Fools" as my hidden message. [, BoingBoing]

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I'm lost..........this is right-wing extremism? I thought Nazism was left-wing extremism.......