Frozen 2 Now Has the Biggest Global Debut of Any Animated Film, Ever

From Frozen 2.
From Frozen 2.
Image: Disney

Nothing like ice magic, some great singing, and Disney money to break some more box office records.


As reported by Deadline, Frozen 2 has jumped past the competitors to cement itself as the largest-opening animated film of all time, grossing a worldwide global debut of $350.2 million. Most of this money, notably, came from the international market, where it raked in $223.2 million across 37 international markets since its opening on Friday.

In China, the film made $53 million, for the 3rd best animated debut ever and the best Disney animated debut; Korea came in next with $31.5 million and another record as 3rd highest industry opening, period; and behind trailed Japan, Germany, and a bunch of other countries.

Domestically, the film hit approximately $125 million. Which goes to show: people, around the world, really really like Frozen. While Disney franchises like Star Wars might not be as popular overseas as they are in the States, Frozen is proving a reliable name for the company.

Oh, and if you want to adjust for inflation, the domestic opening is still fourth ever. The Lion King is still on top in that race. 

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Jay Ackroyd

I love animated movies but don’t always get the time to see them in the theatre. I missed Tangled which I finally caught on video (great movie). Because of that I made an effort to see Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen. Ralph was great, but I hated Frozen. I didn’t care for the characters or the songs. Naturally it became a runaway hit. What is it about Disney that the worst films seem to take-off? I hated the original Lion King and Finding Nemo too, and both seem to be loved by everyone but me. Is it the parents or the kids that are making these things into hits?