Frozen Mentos and Coke Parlor Trick

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You've either seen the Mentos and Coke experiment on YouTube or you've destroyed your kitchen trying it yourself. Wired has come up with a parlor trick that'll surprise your friends with a delayed explosion time: Mentos, frozen in ice cubes.


Admittedly, I don't know many people who let their drinks sit long enough for their ice to completely melt, but Wired suggests using warm Coke to help speed up the process. Next time you get some strange looking ice in your drink, I'd suggest you start chugging. [Wired via Neatorama via BoingBoing]


Actually Food Detectives on the Food Network debunked this. They showed that if a Mentos is slowly introduced into a Diet Coke it won't cause an eruption. It's only when a Mentos is introduced quickly - which starts small gas bubbles to form that expand exponentially.

I would think a Mentos hidden in an ice cube would constitute being slowly introduced to the Diet Coke - as the ice melts there really wouldn't be any way for those gas bubbles to start to form on the Mentos candy.