Funky Lights To Complement Your Tunes

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Tired of the same old opaque single tone band on your headphones, an OLED panel might just be the thing to spruce up boring monitors


The Transparent OLED Headphones by designers Min-guk Ji & Hong-joo Kim & In-oh Yoo might be onto the coolest headphone invention yet. A headphone band is usually a piece of black or white plastic, but by using a transparent OLED panel for a headphone band, colors and patterns could be changed on a whim.

They could show off a custom design, a dynamic pattern based on whatever track is rocking at the time, and they can scroll text too. The headphones are fully wireless too with touch controls along the sides for volume and lighting effects. Lights have been used to make laptops and mice shinier and "oh wow", why not headphones too. [Yanko Design]



Too bad the user can't see all this visual awesomeness.

I hear Snooki and The Situation already have their advance orders placed.