GameBoy Micro Reviewed (Verdict: Awesomeness)

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Yeah, Nintendo has released ANOTHER version of the GameBoy, and much to our delight it doesn t suck. First thing is first, the Micro is tiny. The portability is awesome; this can slip into any pocket and not be uncomfortable at all. One concern is that this could be too small to enjoy gaming with the tiny buttons, but surprisingly that isn t an issue either. I'm not going to lie, if you happen to be a 7'3" 400 lbs monster, it may give you some problems, but for the average hand build all games work out fine. Some possible downsides is that the Micro only supports GameBoy Advance titles and there is a different power adapter so another slew of accessories will be made available. Thoroughly impressive and $99 isn't too bad of a price.

Short Take: Nintendo's GameBoy Micro [Pocketnow]


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