Garmin Adds XM to New Portable GPS Units

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Garmin has finally upgraded its portable StreetPilot GPS line. With the addition of the 7200, the 7500, and the 2730, you'll be getting the first Garmin products that are imbued with XM satellite capabilities. This includes all kinds of extra traffic management notifications like where accidents are, road construction, and weather-related traffic delays before they are encountered. And even better, you'll get alternate routes to where you're going. This info will be supplied either by XM NavTraffic—which is the first satellite-based data traffic in the US and works very well—or Clear Channel s RDS-TMC Total Traffic Network. The new units also include optional entertainment options, like an internal MP3 player, XM radio subscription, or eBooks from The 7500($1899) and the 7200($1499) both have 7-inch touchscreens and a SD card slot so you can just take your music with you. The 7500 also has what is called Dead Reckoning, which will allow you to keep all your navigation information even if you lose your GPS signal.
The StreetPilot 2730 ($1199), on the other hand, has only a 5-inch screen and doesn't have an SD slot, which means you have to plug it into your computer to download any music you may want to take with you. All three will come out in December.

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