If you're nuts for wireless data and for some reason don't own a smartphone, the Garmin nüvi 1690 would like to tempt you with two years of data in its purchase price.

An otherwise typical premium GPS, the 1690 ($500 by this holiday season) comes with two free years of nüLink! service—a wireless data plan with local Google search, traffic, weather, fuel price, movie, flight, event, and telephone listing information plus a bit of Garmin's proprietary Ciao social networking service thrown in. After two years, the service will cost you $5/month.


But while the nüvi 1690 sounds nice enough, I've had trouble getting excited about any current-gen GPS (based upon SiRFStarIII) just knowing that a faster, more energy efficient SiRFStarIV chip is in the works. [Garmin via GPS Tracklog]

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