Garmin's Two Forerunners at CES

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Don't drop that GPS while you're running. That's obviously the lesson Garmin wants you to learn with its Forerunner 205 and Forerunner 305, now showing at CES. These next-gen products for the company's fitness line are small and light (obviously) and now have a design which wraps the GPS antenna around just part of your wrist so it has a better view of the sky while you're off training. A customizable display has a feature called AutoLap that automatically records lap data at a specified time, distance, or position and AutoPause that will pause the lap timer when you drop below the limit of your configured pace. Always thinking, Garmin. The 305 comes with a heart rate monitor that delivers real-time heart rate data exclusively to the user s device and is compatible with Edge 305. Both come with a USB PC interface cable, AC charger, docking station, Training Center CD, owner s manual and quick-reference guide. The 205 should run about $249 and the 305 should go for about $349. Look for them this February.


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I have a 305 and am not able to program in the sessions it alowsme to chose distance and heart rate but not pace consequently when I press complete tha wacthbleps back saying process not complete In addition to this it seems to be pt luck as to if it records the distance out for a hrs this a.m and feedback is that I have gone 0.43mls...

anybody have any answers?