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The Blurb: The FX7020 is a budget gamer desktop, coming in right around a grand with quad-core AMD Phenom setup, a 512MB NVIDIA 8800GT graphics card (which actually stacks up well to the at least doubly expensive 8800GTXs) and 3GB of RAM. The FX540 is their flagship w/ an SLi-ready motherboard, which explains the massive range for the sucker: $999 up to almost 4 grand, depending on whether you go with the GTs or GTXs and how many.. The Burn: The case is friggin' mugly.


The Gateway FX7020 makes extreme gaming affordable, while the high-performance FX540 takes the reins as Gateway's top-of-the-line multimedia desktop

LAS VEGAS AND IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 7, 2008 - Giving gamers a reason to type "w00t," Gateway today unveiled two new powerful FX Series desktops designed for extreme gaming and other high-performance, graphic-intensive multimedia applications. Gateway's new powerful FX Series desktops provide the raw power necessary for gamers to dominate the latest games and blaze through multi-threaded programs with unparalleled speed. (See additional announcement from Gateway today regarding its new P-Series FX Edition notebooks.)

The FX7020 is a value-based gaming power house costing close to $1,000 less than comparable systems. The high-performance FX540 brings several new leading technologies to the FX line, including NVIDIA SLI™ technology for powerful, elegant and super-rich graphics for games and other graphics-intensive applications.

Featuring AMD quad-core power and DirectX® 10 graphics, the Gateway FX7020 is powerful enough to handle just about any graphic-intensive task. With a compelling price point of just $1,099, it costs well below a comparable $2,000 system. With the introduction of a value-based desktop in its flagship FX computer line, Gateway brings high-performance gaming within reach of most mainstream consumers.

The Gateway FX540 Series is the next generation of Gateway's flagship no-compromise desktop line. Ideal for extreme gaming, digital content creation and advanced multitasking, it is designed for enthusiasts who want the latest in cutting-edge technology but don't want to spend a fortune.

"No matter what your budget or skill level is, Gateway's FX Series desktops include a range of choices that are both powerful and affordable," said Glenn Jystad, Senior Manager, Desktop Products, Gateway. "The FX line is designed for gaming, as well as digital photography and video editing, so customers know that no matter which system they ultimately choose in the line, it will be powerful enough to handle a wide variety of multimedia applications."

The Gateway FX7020 Brings Gaming to the Masses

Featuring quad core power, high-end graphics, a compelling price point and widespread availability through the retail channel, the FX7020 takes the guess-work out of purchasing a gaming PC.

"The Gateway FX7020 is certainly designed for those who take their gaming and content creation seriously," said Jystad, "but given its low price, it also allows a wider range of people to experience the thrill of modern PC gaming or to get involved with advanced photo, video and music applications."

Challenging the specs and performance of systems costing almost twice as much, the FX7020 features the most advanced AMD quad-core power and NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GT graphics. The AMD Phenom™ Processor blazes through games and other multi-threaded programs with remarkable speed, while the NVIDIA® 8800GT graphics solution features 112 stream processors and ultra-fast frame rates to play the hottest DirectX®10 games with 512MB video memory in a single card. Combined with 3GB of memory, the FX7020 delivers incredible overall system speed, deftly handling multiple tasks, delivering rich demanding content and speedily running all applications.

Featuring a 400 watt power supply, the FX7020 can support additional high-performance hardware and future expansion requirements.

Rounding out its raw processing power is a combo standard definition (NTSC)/high definition (ATSC) TV Tuner with a Media Center remote control, so customers can watch and record live television. Rich 8-channel, 7.1 high-definition audio delivers a premium sound experience for viewing the latest games, online entertainment and DVD movies.

Customers with large photo and music libraries will appreciate the integrated Labelflash™ technology(1), which makes burning personalized discs quick and easy. Using the same laser that burns content onto discs, Labelflash™ can also burn unique, custom made labels directly onto DVDs and CDs. These high-resolution, transparent and scratch-resistant images do not require an external printer or paper labels.

The FX7020 boasts a slick, jet-black design with metallic keyboard, mouse and system accents and copper LED status lights.


* AMD Phenom™ 9600 Processor (AMD LIVE!™) (operates at 2.3GHz; 2MB L3 cache; 3600MHz system bus)
* Windows Vista® Home Premium
* NVIDIA®GeForce®6150SE chipset
* NVIDIA® GeForce®8800GT (w/512MB on board memory)
* 3072MB DDR2 memory, dual channel
* 500GB SATA II (7200RPM, 16MB Cache)(2)
* 18x DVD±R/RW SuperMulti Drive featuring Labelflash™ technology
* High-performance 15-in-1 digital media card reader with Smart Copy button and integrated IR receiver
* 6 USB 2.0 ports (2 front; 4 rear)
* 8-Channel (7.1) high-definition audio
* Amplified stereo speakers (USB powered)
* Elite multimedia keyboard
* USB optical 2-button wheel mouse
*Analog/digital TV tuner w/ 3-D combo (PCIe)
*Gateway Portable Media Drive Bay
Pricing and Availability

The Gateway FX7020 Desktop will be available later this month for $1,099.99 at Gateway's retail partners. To locate a store, customers can visit

Gateway FX540 Delivers the "w00t" Factor

Featuring the horsepower and technology to deliver a superior computing experience, the Gateway FX540 is the perfect desktop for extreme gaming, digital photography, video editing or managing large amounts of data, such as music and photo libraries.

"Recently crowned 'word of the year' by Merriam-Webster, w00t is an expression of joy coined by online gamers," said Jystad. If any product is worthy of a w00t, it's the blazingly fast Gateway FX540 and its leading technologies."

Gaming enthusiasts can play the most advanced games on high-resolution displays without sacrificing performance or breaking the bank. The FX540 brings several new leading technologies to the FX line, including:

·an NVIDIA SLI-capable motherboard

·dual PCIe x16 slots with SLI support

·the ability to run dual NVIDIA 8800 GT/GTX factory limited warranted(4) over-clocked video cards in SLI mode for the maximum performance

·support for 800MHz memory standard on select systems

·and dual Gigabit Ethernet for maximum online gaming performance

As an SLI-Ready PC, the FX540's NVIDIA nForce SLI motherboard and SLI-Ready graphics card give it the ability to be upgraded with a second graphics card. No other PC component upgrade can offer even close to the gaming performance boost gained from adding this second card. Gateway will offer several configurations, including a factory limited warranted(4) overclocked model. Furthering its appeal, the FX540 includes dual Gigabit Ethernet ports to eliminate network bottlenecks and improve performance when gaming online.

Last but not least, the Gateway FX540 Series includes a 700 watt power supply, ensuring it can support any additional high-performance hardware or future expansion requirements.

Pricing and Availability

The new FX540 Series will be available later this month direct from Gateway. Customers can visit or call 1-800-GATEWAY for more information or to order a system. Prices range from $999.99 to $3,799.99 depending on model and configuration.


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