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Gaudy Laptops? You Have Not SEEN Gaudy Laptops

Illustration for article titled Gaudy Laptops? You Have Not SEEN Gaudy Laptops

Oh come on, Dell! Right after you show this amazing looking Adamo XPS you tell us you have made this ridiculous Bergdorf Goodman Adamo? The diamond snake adornment is twice as thick as the laptop, not to mention costs 5K.


Yeaaaaa. So you won't be able to buy it and it will only be auctioned off, but whomever does get this thing (and let's hope its not the Tobey Maguire wanna be in the picture) is gonna need a bullet proof one of these. Come on, you have to have a hilarious caption for this one.


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The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

A few thoughts:

-This model is designed to be ultraportable

-No sane person would sit in Starbucks or some other random place with an easily stolen diamond-encrusted laptop

-Only the most tasteless of nouveau riche women would be interested in something this gaudy.

Therefore, I have to assume this model is aimed at the "spoiled teenage daughters of Mexican drug lords" market.