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Gazillion Fetch a Bubble Machine Drives Dogs Wild

Illustration for article titled Gazillion Fetch a Bubble Machine Drives Dogs Wild

For our doggy friends, there are few tastes (short of another dog's ass) that are as alluring as chicken, or as hypnotic as bubbles. Now chicken and bubbles have been combined to drive dogs wild. The Gazillion Fetch a Bubble Machine cranks out thousands of chicken-scented bubbles, giving the critters a double-whammy of temptation for hours of maniacal frolic.


For just over $29, you get the bubble machine along with four ounces of that chicken-scented goo. You might be able to earn that back by selling tickets. Now if they could just mix in "dog's ass scent," this device would be completely irresistible to our furry friends.

Fetch a Bubble Machine [Gadgetshop, via Red Ferret]

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I have been using an identical device with my dog for years. It uses regular bubble liquid, which has not harmed my dog at all, and it is a different color.

The best part is that since I bought it at bed, bath and beyond I can take it back whenever it breaks and get a new one. They have such a "liberal" (their word not mine) return policy that in 4 years and 4 broken units I have only ever paid for one.

My dog gets so excited that he knows what the word "bubbles" means.