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Gerard Butler, the God of Egypt Himself, Will Produce A Darker Shade of Magic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Obviously, we all know that Gerard Butler has nothing but the best sense when it comes to picking projects. However, maybe his true talents lay in producing. He’ll soon team with mega-producer Neal Moritz to produce turn the awesome YA fantasy A Darker Shade of Magic into a movie.

Written by Victoria Schwab, A Darker Shade of Magic is about a magician who can travel across dimensions. In the book, there are four such dimensions, which all center around on London, though each takes a completely different perspective on magic itself. Traveling between them all becomes essential in a much grander adventure.


Sony just won the rights to the adapt the novel, which was originally published in 2015, and Butler’s company G-Base will produce alongside several other people, most prominently Moritz, who does the Fast and Furious as well as 21 Jump Street movies.

Now, joking about good ol’ G-Base aside, A Darker Shade of Magic is supposed to be incredible. I haven’t read it, but we’ve discussed it a lot on the site. We gave both the original as well as the 2016 sequel, Gathering of Shadows, very positive reviews and even had Schwab on the site for a Q&A:


This week the final book in her trilogy, A Conjuring of Light, was released, hence the recent bidding war for the film rights. And now that Sony has them, The Hollywood Reporter says “filmmakers are said to be already lining up for a chance to put their stamp on this fantasy.” Sounds like something we should continue to keep an eye on.

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