Illustration for article titled Get Pregnant Today, Get a Free Ikea Crib in 9 Months

Cheap people of Australia: run! Don't walk! To the nearest location where you can get pregnant. Ikea is doling out free cribs to babies born nine months from today.


The baby must come into the world on November 14, 2013. If that's your due date or if you get knocked up today or sometime in the next month, hold onto this coupon! Or convince your doctor to induce you on the 14th of November. Or eat a lot of spicy food that day. Whatever it takes. Unfortunately for Americans who are planning on a baby, this deal is only good in Australia. And unfortunately for any parent, Ikea cribs are only as secure as your assembling skills allow, which is to say they could be pretty hazardous. But hey, free crib! [Reddit via SlickDeals]


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