Look closely at the camera lens of your iPhone 5. See that build-up of dirt and grime behind the glass? Ew! It might seem like the gunk is going to build up forever, inaccessible and making your photos progressively worse. But there is hope.


Performing surgery on your iPhone is a task feared by some. But as this video demonstrates, cleaning camera dirt is really not that hard if you take it slow and have the right tools. In this case, all you need is a tiny screwdriver and one of those plastic case-removers. Obviously, proceed at your own risk.

Illustration for article titled Get Rid of Dirt Inside Your iPhone 5 Camera with Some Simple Surgery

If you have dirt behind your lens but haven't really noticed any ill-affected photos, you still might want to clean it out. The grime may be causing some refraction that only appears as hazy or washed out photos in certain lighting conditions. Besides, that's what Instagram is for. [YouTube]

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