Get Your iPod Downloads...From TiVo?

After news last week that the DVR maker is losing customers to other forms of DVRs (including satellite and cable makers), sneaky TiVo rebounded today with an announcement in the Wall Street Journal of plans to let users download any of the TV programs stored on their recorders to video iPods (as well as PSPs). Testing of the software should happen in the next few weeks and all TiVo users should have access to it by first quarter next year with a one-time fee of between $15 and $30. TiVo also mentioned that it may take up to to 2 hours to transfer the program. The New York Times added to this with news that TiVo will also let you transfer your programs to portable DVD players as well.

TiVo to allow iPod video downloads: WSJ [Reuters]

TiVo to Transfer Shows to iPods, Sony PSP [NY Times]


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