Giant BBQ Grill Trailer: Electronics and Pork Make a Great Combination

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Some men build skyscrapers. Some men build pyramids. And some men, really, really great men, build gigantic BBQ trailers. The winner of Crutchfield's "You Dream It We'll Help You Build It" contest, Michael Seville took his late father's 10-foot long galvanized propane tank and mounted it as the chief component of this 17-foot mobile BBQ. Then he stuffed the rest of the platform with electronics.

So while he's roasting a pig...or two...or three...Seville can listen to an unspecified but bold looking wattage-worth of Polk Audio speakers and Alpine amplifiers. He can watch his Samsung TV complete with Valor DVD receiver. And then, when he's all done partaking in the digital deliciousness, he can sink his teeth into some succulent smoked ribs, or maybe just a simple brat and beer. Damn we need to get to an Octoberfest already. And fast. [Crutchfield via Bornrich]