Gigantic 18,000 Pound Chocolate Mayan Temple Predicts the End of the World's Diets

To celebrate Quinza's 30th anniversary and the opening of the company's new chocolate institute, chefs Francois Mellet and Stephane Treand created this six-foot tall 18,239 pound chocolate Mayan temple. It wasn't the Europeans that wiped out the Mayans, it was diabetes.

The chocolate version of the Kukulkan temple at Chichen Itza actually set a new record for the world's largest chocolate sculpture, topping the previous record holder by over 7,500 pounds. But don't expect to be able to custom order one for your next fondue party. This chocolate behemoth is most definitely a one-off creation and will be on display from June 4 at the Quinza Institute of Chocolate and Pastry in Irvine, California, until December 21, the official end of the Mayan calendar. [Quinza via designboom]


Images by Quinza Specialty Foods


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