We know. You asked Santa for the greatest gift of all time, but he got you a Zune instead. No problem, because you can return it, just don't miss those deadlines.


In today's Frankenfight, we stack the return policies of major retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Circuit City and Amazon in one huge pile for you to learn, live and love. While no major reviewers are chiming in with their opinions, hopefully our research will save you at least half a headache (because there is nothing we can do about your kid who is still crying about not getting a Wii).

Is one return policy inherently better than the rest? Sure, Wal-Mart...especially if you happen to "lose" your receipt. But the real lesson here is, don't open electronics that you plan on returning. Because it will probably cost you.


Return Policies



Best Buy

Circuit City