Gizmodo Today: PMA Done, Bling Everywhere, No Origami Unfolded Yet

As the absolute last day of PMA dawned, our intrepid PMA Live reporter said goodbye to the big camera-fest and what he called the Land of the Giant Rat. Back home at a fancy mid-town venue, TiVo s CEO flogs another idea to censor kids in their parents absence. Smiles all around as Low End Theory brings us an unusual perspective on, of all things, typewriters, and here comes the bling of all types and stripes, including a $20,000 diamond-encrusted Kodak V570 camera for Best Actresses, a multi-thousand-dollar gold-plated USB key, and what's that? Why, it s yet another pink phone, this time in Motorola SLVR trim. Slight disappointment hits as we realize Belkin's wireless USB hub, the first of the Freescale ultra wideband products, would miss its ship date by a trio of months, and by about noon we figure out there will be no Origami today no matter which way you fold it, and that maybe Origami is just a UMPC anyway. What s a UMPC? We ll probably find out exactly what that is on March 7.

Low End Theory


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