Glooko Enlists the iPhone For Managing Your Diabetes

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Maintaining a daily log of blood sugar levels is one of the most effective ways to deal with diabetes. And with Glooko's logbook app and MeterSync cable, your iOS device can become an effective tool for spotting trends and managing the condition.


The $40 sync cable tethers to your iPhone or iPod Touch's dock connector, automatically downloading blood sugar readings from six of the most popular blood glucose meters from Bayer, OneTouch and FreeStyle. The cable works in conjunction with the free Glooko app which not only keeps track of when the reading was taken, but also allows you to add pertinent notes about how you were feeling at the time, your level of physical activity, or what you had recently eaten.

All of this detailed information can be then be used to spot trends or patterns when viewing your readings over time, which can help a diabetic better manage their blood glucose levels. And when it's time to visit the doctor, the app even lets you email or fax a fourteen day report to your practitioner so they can see how you've been doing the past couple of weeks. It doesn't make the daily finger pricks any more enjoyable, but it at least streamlines the process. [Glooko via Ubergizmo]


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