Google is now offering Yahoo and Hotmail/Outlook users the opportunity to “Gmailify” their accounts. It might be shocking to the Gmail-centric mainstream, but there are millions of people still using these email services. Not only do they use them—but they use them with the Gmail app their iOS and Android devices.


Presumably these people then cry, because Hotmail and Yahoo!Mail lack a lot of the features the rest of us Gmail users enjoy, including Google Now cards (sure!), spam protection (how do you guys not have this?), and inbox organization (I don’t understand your world and I don’t want to).

According to Google, the souls using Yahoo Mail and Hotmail will now be able to flip a “Gmailify” switch in the app, link their non-Gmail account to a Gmail account and enjoy all the features the rest of us enjoy. Better yet, Google says more providers are now in the works.


Welcome to 2016, my Yahoo and Hotmail brothers and sisters. It’s super convenient.


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