GN Netcom's 9350 DECT 6.0 Headset Reviewed (Verdict: Clear and Versatile)

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The GN Netcom 9350 DECT Headset uses DECT, which operates at 1.9GHz, to provide range and quality not found on Bluetooth or other 2.4GHz headsets. Because it's on 1.9GHz, it doesn't interfere with your headsets, your WiFi, or your various other wireless devices clogging up that frequency. The 9350 looks like a regular headset, but has a 300 foot range, 9 hours of PSTN talk time and 6 hours of VoIP talk time. It also works directly with DECT 6.0 cordless phones, if you've got any of those lying around the house.

The installation of the headset was fairly painless, even on the PC. When done, you can switch between talking on the phone and listening to music. All in all the reviewer had a favorable impression for it, ranking it higher than normal Bluetooth headsets. There were some quirks with switching back and forth, and annoying beeps when muting the mic, but they're mostly minor issues that should be able to be fixed with a firmware update.

GN 9350 DECT 6.0 headset does PC, VoIP, and regular phone handsets [TMC Net]