Go Download the iOS 10 Public Beta Right Now—If You're a Crazy Person

The public beta for iOS 10 is now available to download, if you’re feeling wild. After all, this is still beta software and not the finished product that will be available in September. But iOS 10 does come with some legitimately neat features that you might want to try now.

To enroll, you need just click here and sign up with your Apple ID, and Apple will send you an email with details. Then, on an iOS device, you’ll have to download the configuration profile. You definitely want to back up your phone via iTunes before you do this, just in case something terrible goes down. I downloaded the developer preview without any issues but weirder things have happened.

Apple says if your phone is running iOS 8.1.3, then you’ll automatically receive the update over-the-air. Then, all you need to do is wait through the painfully slow updating process and bam: welcome to iOS 10.


We’ve been toying with iOS 10 for more than a month now and have a few guides to get you started.

The biggest change by far is Messages, which is now very more Snapchat-y than before. You can read all about those changes right here. And if you want a more general overview of all things iOS 10 has to offer, here’s a quick GIF guide to everything that’s new and improved.

If you just can’t wait, download the iOS 10 public beta right here. Apologies in advance for any wacky bugs you might find. Just remember to report them!



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mark azali

“Cannot Install Profile

Safari could not install a profile due to an unknown error.”

If I’m already in the beta program, do I have to download a new profile for iOS 10?