Go On a "Mission" With Your Nike FuelBand. Wait, What?

If you or your friends are sporting Nike FuelBands, you might be interested in this weird animated game that taps into your Fuel scores. Called NikeFuel Missions, the "game" essentially riffs off the existing challenges that are presented to Nike+ users on the desktop website.


Whether you use a FuelBand or any other Nike+ product to track your activity throughout the day, Missions will challenge you to earn more points to unlock levels. Nike athletes like Alex Morgan, Allyson Felix and Calvin Johnson will prod you along the way to help you on your quest.

Update: The Missions page is live.

The Missions page isn't quite live yet and the release and video don't offer much in the way of clarity but it might be worth checking out when it does go live. [Nike]


So is this Missions game an iOS app or is it a desktop website or both?

I tried the desktop website when I received the email from Nike about this and your timed 'mission' starts when you hit 'start' at the desktop. So, you're supposed to earn fuel points immediately in order to pass the mission. You can't wait, go to the gym and THEN start the mission. My time to complete the mission would expire before I got to the gym. It seemed pointless for then. If there's an iOS app then this seems like it would be a fun add on to the Nike+ interface but otherwise it's a real hassle to participate.