gOffice, iPhone's First Word Processor

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From the beginning, the iPhone could read Microsoft Word documents, but now you'll be able to do basic word processing on it with gOffice for iPhone. Developer Kevin Warnock created this mini application, which he calls the world's first working word processor for the Apple iPhone. What's the catch?


The iPhone's lack of copy, cut and paste capabilities is enough to cripple any word processor, but even without that, gOffice still creates documents that can be opened and edited in Microsoft Word. A complaint some users have expressed is that gOffice's file sizes are way too big, nearly a deal killer, especially for those with 4GB iPods. We'll test out the app, and tell you how it goes.

iPhone gets a (basic) word-processor [My iTablet]


Better Days

A 2007 computing device with no Copy or Paste.

WTF, Apple??

(typed on my iMac, whose Finder app has no "Cut" feature, interestingly)