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Good Omens Has at Least One Touching Tribute to Terry Pratchett

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The more and more we see of Good Omens, the sadder it is that Neil Gaiman’s collaborator on the original novel, the departed Terry Pratchett, isn’t here to see his work come to life. But the BBC series, in some subtle ways, is planning at least one lovely tribute to the author.

Gaiman took to Instagram today to share a small video from filming within the set of Aziraphale’s bookshop, a key location from the novel that operates as both Aziraphale’s (played by Michael Sheen in the Amazon/BBC series) home away from heaven on Earth, and a repository for his beloved book collection. In the show at least, it’ll have a pile of Pratchett’s most iconic books, alongside his trademark hat, described by Gaiman as something “one of the customers left behind and will be back for one day...”


It’s a small, but heartwarming tribute to Pratchett—and likely not the only loving reference the show will make to its source material’s sadly absent co-creator. Good Omens airs on the BBC in the UK and Amazon worldwide in 2019.