Goodbye Sad Panda, Hello Happy Robopanda

Illustration for article titled Goodbye Sad Panda, Hello Happy Robopanda

I've never met a panda face-to-face before, but apparently they can be quite aggressive. But not the robot panda that Taiwan's Center for Intelligent Robot Research is building. It will be friendly, sing and be my best friend.


The director of the center says robopanda will be "very cute and more attracted to humans." And it might even sing a "panda song." It is the first time they are trying to build a quadrupedal robot which is presenting balance issues for the engineers. I might be cruel because panda tipping sounds kinda fun to me.

Now the article says this is the world's first panda robot, but I beg to differ. How could you forget about Wowee's? Hopefully this one won't make annoying moaning sounds.


There is all other sorts of robot pandemonium at the center. They also build robots that look like pop singers that can actually perform. A Madonna robot is mentioned. Sorry, but I already thought Madonna was a robot? [AFP]

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Wouldn't it be cool if the bare robot head burst out of your closet and started gnawing on the bridge of your nose? What a night that'll be.